Remote On Screen Assistance

Orcas Online utilizes remote technology to assist you with situations like setting up printers, setting up email, scanning for Malware and fixing many problems you need help with.

It is great not to have to bring your computer in and/or not to have to wait for a technician to come to the home. Remote assistance situations often can speed up finding a resolution to your issue.

 If you are talking with an Orcas Online Technician (Rick, Keith, Nathan or Katlyn) they may direct you to this site and have you click the image on the right or the the link below it. 

We have subscribed with a great tool called SplashTop. 

That should get the remote assistance connection started.

Click the image above
or Click this link.

The process involves downloading a small application that you will then need to install. Once installed the Technician will need permission to view  control your computer. 

You should seriously consider not giving your passwords out.  If you do give a password, consider changing it at your next convenience.

Please be aware that the Technician will have view access to your screen and any documents that are open. At Orcas Online we hold our staff to high standards of privacy. If at any point you feel unsafe or your privacy threatened please immediately close the session and contact the Orcas Online owners with your concerns.